8 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses (For Every Budget!)

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What if you had the greatest idea in the world but no one ever heard of it?

You’re proud of your small business and know-how wonderful your products and services are. However, it takes good marketing to let the world know about everything you have to offer.

To truly stand out, you’re going to need some creative marketing ideas. Here are just a few of our favorites!

1. Kings and Queens of Content

If you’re reading this, you want ideas to advertise your business. However, customers don’t want “advertising”: they want content.

The key to bringing new visitors to your site and creating returning visitors is providing original content. And the best content offers actionable value to the reader.

Let’s say you sell furniture. Original articles about how to decorate a living room or safely move furniture into the house are invaluable for your readers.

Of course, there is subtle marketing magic going on with this content. By providing instructions on how to best use your products, you ensure that more people will feel empowered to buy those products.

2. Curating Content

As we’ve noted, customers want original content. In addition to creating your own, you should try becoming an online content curator.

The idea is simple. You create articles that collect links to other content that your customers might find valuable.

Customers’ love of curation is why we have so many “Top 10” articles and videos online. Simply put, people have the desire to experience awesome content but don’t often have the time to find it on their own.

Try to curate content that has few (or no) other curators. In this way, you can corner this particular market while building loyalty for your small business.

3. Google My Business

National and even international marketing are very important to your business. However, you will get the most results from robust local marketing.

One of the best local marketing tools is Google My Business. And here’s the best news: it’s completely free!

This online tool helps make your business more visible when people are searching. Your business will now appear on Google Maps and its info will be on both the Knowledge Panel and Local Panel of a Google Search.

To get started, all you must do is fill out your Google profile. Be sure to answer each section as thoroughly as possible!

4. Calling to Action

Once you’ve crafted awesome online content for your small business, your task isn’t over. Your next step is to make sure each piece of content has a solid call to action.

You may be able to win customer loyalty and attention with helpful content. But this doesn’t help you until you steer them towards a relevant link on your website.

If you’ve written a guide to modern decorating, make it end with a link to your latest accessories. If done well, such a CTA is seamless: just as your content helped inform the customer, your link provides a solution they now know they need.

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of our favorite ways of marketing via content. And it’s a marketing tool that works in two different ways.

When you write for other high-authority sites, it helps to build your brand. Furthermore, it makes your own business look high-quality because your content is appearing alongside the content of an established business leader.

You should also invite other thought leaders to write online content for your site. This builds up your authority while also inviting fans of the visiting writer to experience your website for the very first time.

6. Video Marketing

Once upon a time, video marketing seemed like a fad. Now, video is very clearly here to stay.

Your customers are accustomed to streaming video content whenever they want and wherever they are. Because of this, they now expect video to be a common part of other online experiences such as social media.

It’s true that video marketing takes more time and money than other forms of marketing. Fortunately, you can get a lot of mileage out of a single video.

For example, a well-shot video can be used as a commercial for local advertising. And it can be used to advertise your business via Youtube.

And you can cross-promote that video as well. Place it at the top of a relevant blog to add value, or post it on social media and watch it go viral!

7. Research the Trends

Does your small business have its fingers on the pulse? The best way to do this is to stay on top of both national and local trends.

For example, Google Trends lets you see the search frequency of specific terms and terms related to your query. This lets you analyze whether something is still hot and trending or if consumers have moved on to the next thing.

Be sure to leverage your research into local SEO. This helps you attract local customers who are most likely to become part of your sales funnel.

Finally, don’t forget to build local citations to your engaging content. These kinds of highly-specific citations help establish your authority to a local audience. And it further separates your original content from any similar (but more generic) content customers may find online.

8. Social Media Marketing

Our final creative marketing idea is one you can do right from the coach: social media marketing!

As we mentioned before, social media is a free and easy way to cross-promote your other content. You can share all of those videos and articles you have created with potential fans online.

Social media also creates a sense of community. Your biggest fans will share your posts and expand your brand.

Finally, social media lets people quickly message you. This kind of easy accessibility helps win customers over.

Grow Your Small Business With These Creative Marketing Ideas

Now you know some creative marketing ideas. However, do you know who can bring it all together for you?

We are a company specializing in SEO, web design, branding, and more. To see how we can grow your small business, just contact us today!

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