Google Updates Adwords Logo, Dashboard User Interface and Color Scheme for improved usability.

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It appears that Google has just updated their logo, UI and color scheme for its Adwords Dashboard.

So far as I can tell, the updates are simply a new icon, a blue color scheme instead of green, and a new sleek, stripped down menu area, but these few updates go a long way.

First, from an aesthetic standpoint, the revamp is simply cleaner. Adwords is a tool, and should be designed with maximum usability in mind. Simplifying the design, and cleaning up the colors has made it far more user friendly than the previous ‘blocky’, green layout. The “Tools” drop down options have now also been made available only by click as opposed by hover. Again, as this is a literal tool, not an informative or e-commerce website, this is the ideal functionality, as it reduces any errors or lost time that could be created from accidental and/or unintentional hover.

The click-to-dropwdown feature is also an improvement as far as usability goes. Unintentional moving your mouse over a drop down, especially when your computer or browser is slow moving, can be anywhere from annoying to absolutely frustrating as far as overall lag/load time goes. By changing the drop down feature to display only when clicked, it only improves the efficiency of the tool in it’s main goal, delivering detailed search information as quickly as possible.

All in all I’m glad to see Google moving forward with these updates as the more user friendly it’s platforms become, the more users it will attract.

View the new changes at AdWords

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