SEO How To: Writing the Perfect Title Tag

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In this SEO How To I’m going to discuss how to write a page title for better search results. No matter whether you’re creating a page title, an article title, or a blog post title, it’s important that you give it some thought and include keywords that are not only relevant to the content but that also contain exact keywords.

When choosing these keywords, you can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get an idea for competition and search volume. Choose a few keywords that have a good search volume and aren’t too competitive. Then pick a keyword and formulate an article title where the keyword is used in it’s entirety.

It wouldn’t be an SEO How To without at least one example, so if the keyword I was targeting was “Prescription Glasses Online” my headline could be: “5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Prescription Glasses Online”.

It’s best practice to make your titles no longer than 60 to 70 characters as they will be truncated by the search results. Also, it seems at times that the more concise the title, the more quickly it will rank for the exact keyword match.

Once you have the title formulated, write an article that is as informative as possible. Make sure to include your exact keyword in it at least 2-3 times. It’s best practice to aim for 500 words in your article. But if you fall a bit short it’s not that big a deal in my opinion. A decent article should fall pretty close however.

Make sure that the article title is also included in the page title section in the, the meta description, preferably at least one hyperlink in the content, and ideally a header 1 tag or header 2 tag. By implementing your target keyword in these areas, you will have a much better chance of ranking for that keyword, and more quickly.

Where you fall in those rankings will be dependent upon the amount of indexed content you’re generating in relation to the keywords, amongst several other things of course. But in general, if you create 5 articles with that exact keyword in the title, content et al., but in genuinely different articles (don’t want to violate duplicate content), the more pages you will have indexed for that keyword.

All in all the article title along with the actual page title is a very important factor in optimizing your pages. And the more exact keywords you start to rank for, no matter how long tail, the more traffic you will drive to your site.

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