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Cutting Edge E-Commerce Food Store

XMRE is a brand that makes meals ready to eat, or MRE's. XMRE supplies meals to militaries, international organizations, governments, and institutions around the world. We designed an e-commerce store that not only spoke to their brand identity but also met a variety of functional needs.


An Entirely Custom Magento Experience

XMRE Meals sells products a little bit differently than your average retailer. We reverse-engineered their approach to pricing, sales, and product presentation in order to develop the best approach to e-commerce for their products. We developed an interactive Magento theme using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the frontend and introduced a variety of custom website functionality by building custom Magento extensions.

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Designed & Developed To Tell A Brand Story

When designing the XMRE Meals website, we built the entire design tailored to the brand's message and the brand's identity.


Streamlined E-Commerce Mobile Experience

Creating a fast, easy-to-use mobile website for XMRE meals was only half the battle. We also designed and developed a unique approach to ordering and mobile interaction for their products.

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web design portfolio
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