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A Leading Provider of Motorola Two-Way Sales & Rentals In South Florida

SEI Wireless Communications is a leading provider of Motorola Two-Way Radio Solutions and communications solutions in South Florida. SEI has offered two-way radio sales and rentals in the South Florida area for more than 15 years, and has now decided to bring it's business online, implementing an e-commerce store integrated with internal ERP system.


WooCommerce Store Focusing On Online Sales & Custom Quote Requests For Two-Way Radios

The goal for the SEI website was two-fold - 1) design a comprehensive informational website that details the company, it's services, and it's history and 2) create an easy-to-use e-commerce store to allow for the purchase of two-way radios and two-way radio accessories as well as let customers submit custom quote requests.

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Fast, Clean, E-Commerce Design

Our plan for was to create a fast, easy to use e-commerce website. Using WooCommerce as our e-commerce platform, we were able to create an intuitive shopping experience, allowing customers to quickly search and filter through a wide range of two-way radios and two-way radio accessories.


Drawing inspiration from some of the world's leading electronics and technology brands, this website utilizes clean use of whitespace as well as a deep organizational structure to deliver an intuitive user experience.

Mobile First E-Commerce Built For The WooCommerce Platform

A logical user interface to find and purchase two-way radio products.

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web design portfolio
web design portfolio
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