One Step Checkout Custom Step Creator Magento Extension

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We’ve created a new Magento Extension that allows any user to easily modify the one step checkout process by adding additional steps.  You can add as many steps as you’d like, the steps can hold input fields of any type including text inputs, radio buttons, drop down menus, check boxes and everything else that Magento offers.  You can also associate price values with the options, allowing you to place easy upsells and information captures throughout the process.

Easily Customize, Modify and Improve One Step Checkout

This Magento Extension will help you improve your sites average order values, client relationship management, conversion rates, costs per conversion, and overall user experience during the checkout process.  Customize your Magento one step checkout by adding a new step very easily with this inexpensive module.

One Step Checkout Custom Step Creator

One Step Checkout Custom Step Creator

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