How to Buy Magento Extensions

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Savvy research for optimizing your Magento extension purchase

You find yourself in need of either picking up a fresh Magento extension package, or perhaps are looking at updating your current application. Either way, searching for a product to fill your needs can be a hassle. But, it doesn’t have to be. Simply knowing what to look for and what things you’ll want to know about before beginning your search is a great first step. Follow these tips for stress free shopping process and come away with the right Magento extension for your specific needs.

Look for Reliability
You want ensure the product you’re looking for is ready to run out of the package, so look for suppliers offering tested products, rather than those who simply pass on pre-bundled deals. The company should be able to give firsthand knowledge of your extension’s installation ease and requirements, as well as configuration access for fine tuning once it is in place.

Customer Service
This one is always big no matter what you are buying, so make sure your Magento extension supplier is available for any questions or installations issues that might arise. Look for a provider who has a money back guarantee where if you’re not satisfied with your choice, they will be there to make things right.

Application Licensing of your Magento Extension
Look for a provider that will license to your flexible needs. Some companies prefer to apply licensing to individuals, no matter what the situation. Your provider should be able to work with you, offering to license to either your store, by edition, or even by installation. There’s no need to complicate matters.

Compatibility of Magento Extensions
It may be that your first purchase and installation was through a separate developer, and you will want to assured the compatibility of the new product you are putting into use will work seamlessly with your existing platform. Before purchasing, speak with the representative about what versions are supported, so you won’t be loading in a Magento extension that can’t communicate.

Seek Flexibility
Magneto extensions come in a variety of forms with specific applications in mind. Instead of saving what seems a few dollars in buying a bulk package filled with multiple extensions you won’t use, look for a provider who will let you pick and choose your own bundle and base price off of that.

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