Finding The Right Web Designer for Your Next Web Design Project

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Whether you’re developing a brand new website or just doing a website redesign, a bit of research into what can be offered is a solid first step to getting exactly what you want out of a contracted web designer. There are several options and sites dedicated to matching clients and designers based on price range, but you will want to focus primarily on the quality of work and the reputation of someone as your main consideration.

Know the Market Value of Web Design
It may feel like you are snooping around, but ask others in your industry what they paid for their website projects. Compare these costs to the final product and seriously ask yourself if that price seemed like a good value. Take into consideration not only the more obvious elements such as graphics and ease of navigation, but also the underlying design elements such as search engine optimization and page load time. These hidden aspects are crucial to receiving quality traffic and keeping visitors on the site in order to purchase or retain your site’s message. A slow loading page or one that can’t be found may look great, but it’s not doing what it was designed to do. For examples of top notch work, check out the excellent services offered on our portfolio.

Ask for a Portfolio
Every web designer is going to have a project they are most proud of, but it is in your best interest to investigate the scope of their projects. Ask for referrals, and when you receive them, contact them. You can find some important information simply by asking a few questions. Was the work completed on time? Was the price favorable in relation to the end product? How accessible is the designer when it came to adjustments and changes?

Another question to ask of the web designer is if they would be willing to share their least favorite project. Then, ask them what they didn’t like about it, and what they learned from the experience. No one starts a career as an expert, and having your potential designer walk you through what they would have done differently is a great way to determine what your project may look like in the end.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks
Lastly, have a frank conversation with your possible web designer concerning expectations. It is a given that you will share your requirements, but you will also need to know what they need from you and when. If a deadline is pushed because they were waiting to hear from you with vital information of a decision on a design question, you can’t rightly hold them at fault. Keeping a clear line of communication open is one way to ensure a great product when all is said and done.

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