Bricks & Mortar Pay It Forward Gifting Extension for Magento

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Our Magento Gift Extension

While working on a very extensive project for a client we were faced with a problem, how can we allow the customer to send a coupon to a friend at the time of checkout submission? Further, each coupon would need to be automatically generated by Magento and then emailed to the email address given. We found the new module that was created so useful, we decided to make it available to everyone.

Bricks & Mortar Pay It Forward Magento Gift Extension allows customers to refer a friend to your website by sending them a coupon. When the customer goes through the checkout steps, they will be asked to “pay it forward” to a friend by entering their name and email right before submitting payment. The Magento gift extension uses the Magento cron job to generate a unique coupon, set up an email and then send it to the email address provided by the customer at checkout. All of the standard Magento coupon options are available to you while configuring the coupons that will be generated, so you can offer a number of different coupon types as an incentive.

This extension will not only help increase your conversions by offering a unique incentive to your customers, but will also increase the amount of new customers your site will receive through the customer referrals.

Installation and configuration of the extension only takes a few minutes and is compatible with Magento 1.8 and lower. Full support is provided on this extension for the first 14 days after purchase after which extended support packages are available. If you need help with installation or customization just let us know while you’re purchasing and we’ll take care of everything.

Magento Gifting Extension

Magento Gifting Extension

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