Bricks & Mortar launches extension on Magento Connect

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We have just received word that we have placed our first extension on the Magento Connect store. Our very useful and very diverse extension, Add Custom Steps To Magento Checkout, can now be found on the Magento Connect store.

This extension is ideal for gathering data, upselling services, customizing products and much more. This extension works right within the native Magento admin, and operates just like the custom options do on a product, so if you can use Magento, you can use this product.

We have tested it on multiple sites, and it’s currently in production on many more, but we always suggest you back your database up before installation. We can’t guarantee that this extension will not conflict with another extension, all we can do is ask you to watch it in action.

Also, with a little bit of CSS and jQuery, the possibilities are endless. Customize your entire checkout process to follow a custom flow, fully animated with your favorite scripting (just try not to go overboard, ok).

Bricks & Mortar clients and friends can save 15% on this product with coupon code: BRICKS15.

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