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Simple Magento store solutions for closing the sale

A great website design that is tuned to customer needs and shopping instincts can suddenly be torpedoed by a complicated or lengthy check out process. Aggravation concerning navigation, shipping calculations, and billing information can cause large amounts of customer with loaded shopping carts to abandon the process and go shop somewhere else. You can head off this mass migration of revenue by applying the one step checkout Magento checkout extension, a simple one page application meant to work intuitively with your customer and completing more sales.

Make Your Storefront Checkout Simple
Rely on the Magento storefront checkout extension to provide a new level and ease of use to your customers. No matter the store application, whether standard, professional, or enterprise, your extension will place everything a customer needs in one place, and re-calculate amount owed in real time. No more going back and forth in choosing the best options of changing addresses – everything is right in front of the customer for their simplicity. No hassles and an ease of use means no more lost sales from frustrated customers.

Integration of Magento Checkout Extension
Users already basing their online presence and storefront on Magento will simply need to upload and click accept for the checkout integration. Other platforms users may require additional plug ins to balance the programming, but even then, a solid provider will have tech support to minimize down time. Customers will be able to shop seamlessly through your catalogue of displayed offerings, using the traditional online shopping basket app, and with one click navigation to the Magento checkout extension, provide all the information for the order to process.

Support of the Magento Checkout Extension
Currently, there are over 100 independent solutions around the world for technical support on Magento extension issues. This means you have the flexibility and collective knowledge at your fingertips to adjust, correct, and realign any conceivable Magento issues that may arise, either internally in the integration with other Magento extensions, or with compatibility concerns with other platform apps. 12,000 registered users through various providers utilize Magento checkout as their online store solution to capturing increased profits.

You can also browse our store of Magento Extensions for our extended Magento checkout extensions to help improve conversions, client retention and customer acquisition.

Take some time today and review your storefront checkout application to determine if an upgrade to a Magento store front extension is right for you. It could be the difference between sales as usual, or an supercharge of revenue.

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