3 Great WordPress Theme Designs For Online & Real World Retail Businesses

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Sometimes a business is looking to get online in a quick and inexpensive way without sacrificing quality and aesthetic appeal. In these situations we typically advise clients to explore the option of purchasing Pre-Developed WordPress Themes.

You can buy pre-built themes for a variety of industries and verticals, whether you’re a professional business, you’re doing blogging or news, you’re starting an e-commerce store, or even if you’re just trying to find a way to easily share your favorite recipes for strudel on your own website. No matter what the situation calls for, you can probably find a great WordPress theme to fit your needs.

Today, I’ll focus on 3 great WordPress themes for retail businesses:

Koyorest is a beautiful, responsive theme with an appointment scheduling tool, a lot of great slider features, big featured images to showcase your products, and a easy to navigate and understand UI, making this an ideal theme for a number of different retail verticals. In this theme demo, it is used as a “Restaurant Theme”, but could easily be used by a boutique clothing store to feature high end products, a hair salon to show off it’s location, stylists and hair cuts as well as book appointments, and so many more opportunities. This theme is very multifaceted, great to look at and would be ideal as a starter website for a number of online retailers.

Blume is a beautiful, high quality theme that will bring your brand to life. Make sure to have some high quality photos ready, as this theme will be dependent on them, and if worse comes to worst invest in some nice stock photos. This theme is responsive, it has beautiful parallax features, it has an amazing aesthetic especially with it’s use of spatial/square design, and is easy to use with plenty of shortcodes. Get your brand started on the right foot with this theme.

3) Nation Hotel & Resorts
This theme is geared towards Hotels and other service based businesses that will be renting rooms or spaces. Other potential website uses are for recording studios, restaurants, clubs, practice studios, storage spaces, and so much more. This theme will give you the ability to easily expand your business online, start interacting with more clients, and converting more leads into new customers.

You can find all of these great themes on Theme Forest.

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